Monday, October 23, 2017

How people have it regarding mold after Harvey

I really feel sorry for the home owners who got stuck with the bill after Harvey left in August/September

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Why Texas Mold Inspectors Stress On Mold Remediation As Soon As Possible

Mold – the type of fungus which is a constant pain in the ass of many Southerners. Throughout the state of Texas, the disease of mold is common in the houses. There are a number of reasons as to why Texas mold inspectors lay special emphasis on the eradication of mold.

The Enemy of Your Home
Mold is made up of millions of hyphae. Hyphae are fungus, which can reproduce at an alarming rate. They are some of the most deadly enemies of your house. Generally, damp attic and damp basements are their favorite spots. If left unattended, they can quickly cover lots of space.
Texas mold inspectors

Health Hazard
Mold is a health hazard, especially in the house of small children. Kids have less immunity as compared to adults. As a result, they are more prone to diseases. If you leave a bread unattended in the atmosphere for a few days. Due to moisture in the air and room temperature, it is very likely that fungus will grow. Now imagine the same fungus growing inside you, provided if any fungal spores enter your nostrils or mouth. Texas mold remediation inspectors want you and your family to be safe. They encourage mold remediation on priority basis.

Loss of Home’s Beauty
Mold spoils the beauty of home. Imagine inviting your friends for a drink and they are shocked to find out that you have a whole wall, covered with mold. Think of it as a parasite, feasting on your hard to maintain home, which is deadly to you and your friends alike. Texas mold inspectors recommend creating a dry atmosphere. Mold cannot survive without water. Destroy its wet breeding source and if possible, call the mold remediation professionals. Those guys have pre-assessment techniques and are equipped with the right tools, to remove fungus.
Avoid going near the mold without necessary arrange as it is harmful. Take the use of proper contamination control methods to avoid getting damaged by the mold.

Kill Me Once – I’ll Come Back Twice
Molds are hydrophilic. They love to grow in dark and damp places. If your house has the problem of waterlogging, chances are it is very much affected by mold.
Even if you destroy the source of mold, chances are it will come back again. An average house owner does not have the necessary tools to eradicate mold, once and for all, so it is highly recommended to call professionals who will handle the job well.

Hiding in Air-Cons
Mold is also filthy. Wherever there is dust – there is a chance of mold growth. This is because dust is a food source for molds. If spores of mold are flown into air-cons, not only will they propagate at an alarming rate, rather they’ll also pose a health threat to all the family members of the house.

Therefore, mold remediation inspectors thoroughly advise the general public to make sure they have a clean home.